1/8 Scale Tiger

For thirty nine bucks I might just get it to annoy my cats. Or Chihuahua, which might be even more fun now that I think about it.

That is quite a mark-down. And 1/8th scale? How is this possible? Did a pallet fall off a truck?

Did a search on the Heng Long and found this: 1/8 SCALE FULL METAL HENG LONG TIGER

Makes me wonder if there is something wrong with them.

I tried to look at that website and my anti-virus said the website was dangerous, and blocked it. I also have a number of 1/16 Heng Long tanks (half the size of the 1/8 item) and they cost more than USD 100. I think this is a complete rip-off.

If something is too good to be true it might just be something fishy going on:

If the 1/16 kit from Heng Long costs more than 5 times as much I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe
that anyone can legitimately sell a 1/8th scale kit for under 40 bucks.
AliExpress sells the 1/8th kit for around US $ 9679 + postage to the US for US $ 1756.
I don’t think 40 bucks would even pay for the packaging material for this kit.

Let me know if you do go ahead and order it, I have some shares in an oil mine in Florida that I am considering selling …

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And I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale…

Has the bridge been repainted lately? Ain’t gonna buy it if it needs a major paint job …

www.then0rthface.com/. Your one-stop shopping site for Orthopedic Toe Sandals, Women (sic) Bags…and 1/8th scale tanks. Yep, sounds legit.

With the state of US infrastructure items, you might be better off buying the 1/8 tank!


HEY! You can’t sell that bridge, I’ve already got that market cornered! :rage:

Buy with complete confidence from me. All rust, dust, and chipping effects on my bridges have been covered-up with Drunkelgelb. :art:

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There was discussion about this on RC Universe, basically avoid - ....and the scams continue - RCU Forums -

Is that the colour of projectile vomit?
Not ever wondered before.