120mm Jeff Shiu figures & two other brands for sale/trade

Hi there,
I have 2 120mm Jeff Shiu figures for sale. They are untouched still in the box.
A wise man once said, " a good figure will paint itself". These figures are so nice I feel I just can’t do them justice painting the at my skill level.
German Machine Gunner, Barbarossa JS-120014 $45
German 6th Army, Stalingrad with MP40 SMG JS120032 $45

Alpine- WW2 US Infantry NCO #16022 $40

Maurice Corry-- British Infantry Sniper 2010, MC9 $45
Buy all 4 figures, $150
Trade wants: 1/35th Dragon Armor with Magic Tracks
1/35th Amusing Hobby Kits
1/35th Takom kits
Sales: Sorry, I don’t have PayPal. Payment by USPS Money Order. I cash your MO and drop the figure into mail all at the same time, Easy Peasy
Trades : We each pay for our own shipping.

Thanks for stopping by !

Please email directly me about:
German Machine Gunner, Barbarossa JS-120014 $45
If he’s running and leaping across a puddle, he’s the one I’m after.



The Shiu MG Barbarossa is pending
The Alpine figure is a maybe. First come first served
The remaining Shiu, Alpine & Corry figs in a package deal $110 plus shipping

The Shiu MG figure is gone

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