2023 Campaign ideas?

I have a started one of these, that has been in the Hanger of Shame for at least 30 years. If memory is correct, I have built and painted the interior.

If the campaign opened up for people to finish off a build, I would be interested.

Stupid me has made a New Year’s resolution to finish one shelf queen for every two new builds I do…

Yeah, I’m being more choosey this new year. I missed the Best Tank that never was too, but plan to get into that one this time around.

How about, “anything released in 2022”? A lot of great armor and planes released in 2022! Heck, there were even some autos too. One of MiniArt’s 3 wheeler for example. It would be a Kitmaker GB !
I’m willing to bet that pretty many of us got a 2022 release for Christmas.

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We used to have annual “Get’er Done” campaigns that ran Jan-Dec each year for exactly this purpose! Maybe they need ressurrected…

I seem to recall Aeroscale having Hanger Queen’s every year, and I thought the car and ship folks had similar ones every year too. :wave:

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Sadly I have a lot of things sitting around that could be the subject of “Get’er Done”…

In the New Year I will finish my phantom for the naval air campaign. It’s the Tamiya 1/48 kit and is really a joy. Some of the others … not so much :-).

I want to work on the two rail campaigns, one of which I think is actually active - the railroad structures. I don’t see, and may be misremembering the other, but I bought a gondola and a flak gun to put in it for that one…

Yes, I made the award badges for Hanger Queens. :grin:



Like Hot out of the molds? It’s an annual campaign (my understanding) for kits going back two years from the current year.


I could’ve sworn we had one announced for this year’s releases?

Thinking about the successful Made in France build, could we do another?
Britain, US or Russia? I think we’d be spoiled for choice for either of those.

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“Made in Russia” spanning every era, would probably gather a few interested parties, especially with the Ukraine situation.

Say, anything essentially ‘made’ to what is accepted as Russian Design, whether built there or built in another country under license (e.g T-54/T-55 built by Poland or Czechoslovakia).


Good point. A lot of stuff did get built in the other Warsaw Pact nations. As long as the original design was Soviet/Russian it should be fine?We’d have to put that to a vote maybe.

How about a South American Air Forces? Like the Middle East idea, lots of aircraft types and some very colourful paint schemes.

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LOL, can’t answer about the Hot out of the molds campaign. But almost everything in my stash is built in the USA. There’s like 15 British subjects including cars and soft skins. There are maybe 6 German, probably the same from France. Russia / Soviet Union, I think I have one semi built paint mule. For British, maybe a Canberra, Blenheim, an MGB or a Blood Hound with a Land Rover. :wave:

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I would like a made in Russia campaign, but I’m not willing to run it. Another idea I was thinking about but I don’t know whether there would be either interest or enough subjects that are available as models - Made in Italy?


Scandalous Mark! :rofl:

I have to admit, my stash of Soviet is very limited too. A part built Miniart BA 64B, a Bronco SU-152 and Dragon’s T34-76 and Su-100.


You should be ok for a couple of those suggestions. Personally I’ve always felt that the Canberra and Blenheim are the most British looking aeroplanes ever built. Just something about their design.
That Bloodhound and Landover set is highly sort after these days!

@phil2015 I like the Made in Italy idea! Some good kits out there and you don’t see done very often. I’ll even confess that even though I have a fair few Italian WW2 aircraft and tanks in the stash, I’ve only ever built 1! A good excuse to get another finished. And, having a couple of Aermacchi trainers to do, that means I could do one of them if the Trainers idea doesn’t take off.

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i only have a couple of kits, but there are interesting subjects in air and land. i think the italian ships of ww2 are really interesting but I don’t really know whether there are many available as kits…

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Hobbyboss do a couple at 1/350 but I think they simplified a lot of the details?
I’d be surprised if Trumpeter don’t have a couple but I’m not that familiar with their range?

Question is, would we include multi-nation designs Italy has been a partner to such as the Tornado and Typhoon?

Good question. I would be inclined to be generous in the rules on a made in Italy. I could be wrong, but didn’t Italy in the Great War build some aircraft to license but then add Italian made components that made them I bit distinctive? If there’s enough interest expressed here, I’ll start a separate thread on it…

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Possibly built Neiuports and Spads? I’d have to check my references.

How about a build for planes, ships & vehicles in service Between The Wars? Anything that was used from 1919 through September of 1939 would work.



A lot of stuff marketed as early WW2 would fit nicely here.

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