3 more walkarounds of French and Iraqi vehicles

Hi all
I’ve just uploaded to my site 2 series of vintage pictures of the French AMX 10RC and VAB Génie in Germany (courtesy of Hans-Hermann) and 1 walkaround of the MT-LB ambulance in Iraqi service preserved at Saumur museum.


Enjoy the visit.


Interesting! I didn’t know there was a ambulance MTLB and the unit on the top looks to be a AC unit.

Olivier, Thanks for these; I am especially interested in the AMX 10 - the version shown; do you know if it would take much to back-date a Tiger model to a version, possibly say from when first introduced into service in the early 80s? And if so, which of the Tiger models would be most suitable as a basis to do so?

I appreciate you may not know in details at this stage.

Thnaks in advance.

I would say your best option is the Operation Daguet version. You would just need to omit the side skirts and some features on the turret. I think that the water jets are present in this kit only.


Thanks Olivier - very helpful.

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