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New MiniArt Kit Coming Soon, 1:35 scale: 35461 U.S. TANK REPAIR CREW with continental w-670 engine

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Looking forward to the Stuart kits. Hope MiniArt comes out with additional figures for these, especially the really early “doughnut” tanker helmets, since no one makes these at all.


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I agree, it would be nice if they had special figures for this.

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Well done MiniArt!

This is definitely a set that I’ll be getting and will be looking forward to building and painting!


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+1 on the early, pre-war US tankers.

I just recently had a conversation with one of my modeling club mates about the subject of the “doughnut” tank helmets and the very sad lack of figures with them.

Even a set of figure heads wearing those helmets would be very welcome. They would be applicable to both US pre- and initial-war (Philippines) and some few British tankers in the Western Desert. (The US tank helmets - both the early and later M1938 types - were supplied as items of AFV equipment along with the other tools and vehicle accessories, so when the early M3 light tanks arrived in Egypt, some of these “doughnut” helmets were included with some of the tanks. There are a few period photos of British tankers wearing them in the desert. BTW, this also accounts for the photos of Canadian tankers, especially in Italy although some few also in NWE, wearing US M1938 tank helmets fitted with the earphones from WS No. 19 radio headsets.)

MiniArt does have a set of “Operation Torch” US tankers, but they all have the standard M1938 tank helmets and the second pattern tanker jackets (the early pattern tanker jackets had patch-type vice slit-type pockets).

An option is to convert some Italian or Hungarian tanker heads by making a few small changes in the crowns of their helmets (filling the radial seams and adding ventilation holes), deleting the neck “curtains,” adding the rear helmet flaps from US M1938 tank helmets, and then adding the annular “doughnut” cushions to the rims. The side ear flaps are slightly different on the Italian and Hungarian helmets, but pretty close to the US design so they’ll do.


Thanks for the comments. I believe the “doughnut” was also worn by some US crews in North Africa. I saw a photo before where they were clearly being worn. Of course, it might just have been at one of the Desert Training Centers in the US as well. Perhaps Miniart will close the gap and help us out so that we don’t have to resort to scratch-building and/or modifications in the future.
Of course, a set of tankers wearing the M1919 helmet wouldn’t be too bad, either. I won’t hold my breath, however.

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