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DEF Model started a new line of products with three sets of 3D printed tank tracks.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/3d-printed-german-wwii-tracks-from-def

The big question is: for which kit is it designed? As all 3 manifacturers have different sprockets, they won’t fit on all kits without modifications…

Are they really snap fit, no glue required? Seriously? Game changer if so. Anyone built a set, can advise on the fit?

It is a good question. I have a feeling someone will end up making a list of which ones fit and which ones don’t. I’ve often wondered why the aftermarket track producers don’t include a 3D printed drive sprocket in the kit so you know it fits 100%.

There is a comparison article on the site of Perth Military modelling, which clearly shows the diffences between the tracks available at the time, but also the kits:

Not sure… I will post the info when I get it.


I am FB friends with Hyunjin Kim, the owner of DEF model, and he was stating that the tracks were originally designed to fit the new upcoming Academy Sd.kfz.251 kit but the photos were taken using an ancient Tamiya kit. Supposedly, you can adjust the spacing/tension to fit AFV Club’s or Dragon’s but can’t verify.

The main issue, if I understood correcly, is the difference between the sprockets and the spacing between the wheels. See the link I posted before…

Let’s see what Maki can come back with. I am aware of the legacy posting from Terry at PMM. Who knows how DEF is dealing with the differences.

The tracks look decent but with other companies like Minor, why would a modeler want to cut that all out?

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Price will be a big factor. I can’t get past paying more for tracks then I did for the whole kit.

Here it is:

The tracks work well with sprockets from all the listed manufacturers.



That is very good to know. I am currently looking for a good set to replace the vinly tracks of my AFV club 251… :+1:t2:

I need that set for my Tamiya Hanomag. The rubber band tracks that come with the kit are horrible.