3D printed John Matrix "Commando" figure

Looking good, colors are really nicely observed and I must say the equipment is all picked out with precision. Those shotgun shells are perfection!

@Karl187 thanks mate, yeah i am trying a new method of painting, using thinned paint which pools in the recessed areas and helps to give depth to a figure. it’s usually used on smaller scale figures like 1/72 scale but i wanted to experiment with it on a larger scale, for the most part it seems to have worked.


That is a very interesting idea, might have to give that one a whirl myself!

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Well folks, I’ve finally managed to finish this 3D printed figure and I opted for oil paints to do the flesh tones.


Looks great David. :+1:

David, congrats on finishing this to such a high standard. It is an impressively accurate rendition of Arnie in the film. The skin tones are nicely observed too- it’s also great to see all the kit together and the base with a little dirt on the boots nicely brings it all together.

It came excellent David, nice clean finish. Great job !

Thanks guys, the figure isn’t 100% screen accurate, particularly the left side of the torso which should have matching ammo pouches and the bag drapped over his shoulder should be a claymore mine bag.

I did add a small “us army” decal to the rocket launcher but again the launcher isn’t 100% accurate either but this was my first dabble into 3D printed models.

stay tuned folks as there is another one on the horizon :blush::sunglasses:

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