3D printed M48/ M60 fire extingusher handles

Hello all,

some time ago, I saw 3D printed handles. Who was offering them?



I think Elephant offers them, word on the street is their products have been hard to get recently though.

Thanks! Do you maybe have a link? I don´t find them on Scalemates and a Google search is not very productive, when you search for elephant and Resin and 3D…

Do not deal directly with Elefant, it’s not worth the aggravation. Hobby Easy and BNA carry most if not the whole Elefant line.

Thanks for the hint!

Thanks you! That was it!

I’ve ordered directly from Elefant last year (since Hobbyeasy and BNA did not have all the items in stock I wanted), and had no issues. Their on-line ordering system/shopping cart did not work, but I simply emailed them and got a response with a Paypal invoice within a day or two. Order was received with no issues in a timely fashion.

That was last year. Go ahead and try to deal with him now.