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Marking set for 25 PzDiv, Jnojmo 1945 and Unprecedented FULL battalion (3 sets) for sAbt 503 Tiger Is, Kursk Offensive 1943.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/4-new-decal-sets-and-2-reprints-from-echelon

My thoughts on the Tiger decals:

There are some decals for Mid Tigers. Note that the 503rd didn’t have Mid Tigers until shortly after the Kursk battle.

------------- The 1. companie set: -------------

Tiger “113” is shown on the sheet. This Tiger existed in early summer but didn’t exist during Kursk. Its hull was probably too damaged for use. Its turret was given to another Tiger and was renumbered “123”. It then appeared in some well known photos.

The sheet says that Tiger “123” had an escape hatch at first, then it got a replacement turret (as mentioned above) with no hatch. That is true.
But the sheet makes an error here: it shows the standard turret bin on the first turret. In fact, both of this tank’s turrets had Panzer III bins.

------------- The 2. companie set: -------------

The depiction of Tiger “211” has an error. It shows “double spare track rails” at the front. But in fact this tank had a single track rail, of a unique shape. It also had a Notek lamp stand added at the front, making it very distinct. The decal diagrams don’t show the lamp.

Tiger “212” was an Early with a standard turret bin. The decal sheet shows a Panzer 3 bin; that is an error.

Photos of Tiger “243” are known. It had turret spare tracks, a welded loader’s hatch, a front spare track bar, the standard mantlet, and three spare track links on the left and right of the upper front. The “243” digits were covered by the spare tracks.

------------- The 3. companie set: -------------

The decal sheet provides thin-stroke digits for Early Tiger “301”. I cannot find enough photos to confirm that such digits existed. When I can see the number “301” in a photo, it has thick strokes (also on the decal sheet) but it’s not clear if I’m seeing the Early or the Mid Tiger.