51 Chevy Bel Air Convertible - 1/25 AMT Kit

Many thanks Jim!

Now Mark, I thought I faced a few challenges during this OOB build, you’re looking to ramp it up a few notches there my friend! A Flintstone Van '51 would be super cool though.

Cheers, D

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LOL D, I’ve barely gotten a decent finish on a plastic car body, I’ve got no clue about finishing a resin body, let alone the coupe to panel van conversion. :wave:

Lite, even coats of well thinned paint. give each coat 3 min or so to dry before the next coat. Never stop as you’ll most likely cause a run or Orange peal.
A resin body uses the same technic but the prep is different. Hard to say what grade of sand paper to start with as the roughness/smoothness of the resin can vary quite a bit. I’d finish with 800 or 1000 grit. Prime with a primer filler to fill all the little holes, repeat as needed.