70/73 K&K Dodge Charger

Glad that the windshield worked out just fine.

I still have zero plans to build my still shrinked wrapped Salvino kit.

If it’s the charger kit joel i would recommend giving it a shot. with your skills the issues cwould be minor.


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Well I finally got around to photographing my charger build.
I had to make a vacumme formed front window for it as the kit window would not let the body sit right. I also had to make a rear spoiler because the kit spoiler had very bad ejector pin marks and you can’t sand them off because salvinos uses that stupid worthless real chrome that can’t be stripped and putty doesn’t stick to it.
some of the other mods- resin made oil filter, oil tank, hex fittings, seat harness made of fabric ribbon and cut out the kit trans/ drive shaft tunnel and replaced with a more realistic sized one along with replacing chassis pan with sheet plastic. replaced kit seat with a spare box one modified with bolster and foam cushioning;
Plumed and wired, scratch made wire looms and boxed in the radiator shroud and oil cooler.

Radiator and oil tank boxed in completely. kit was incomplete.

kit short chassis filled in

replaced tunnel


Good LORD man!!! You really showed 'em how it’s ALL done right there with this one bud. The paint, decaling, details…the DETAILS!!! A true labor of love in which efforts yielded such a great outcome that you can be proud of. Way to stick with her Joe!!

Looks like we both finished our projects up just before Mothers Day and that’s a good thing too because I’d probably be in the modeling room working on it otherwise. lol

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Nice job Joe - in the end it looks like you overcame all the difficulties - I’ve said this before- it’s a zen thing.
The joy of successfully fixing exceeds the joy of not having to fix .
What’s up next?
Cheers- Richard

My sealed kit is just the 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo.

You accomplished what few others could have with a Salvino kit. They managed to turn basically excellent kits into kits several steps down in quality and accuracy. I just loved to read posts by guys who think that they really upgraded those old Monogram molds. But as you said, the Real Chrome is pure crap as you can’t remove it, or glue it, but they think it’s so superior to the chrome plating on model kits. I’m still waiting for the Fords to come out as they are a few I’d like to model.

As for your Dodge K & K Charger, you’ve done one super Steller job. the engine compartment is really well detailed and certainly looks the part. You’ve gone the extra mile to fix all those mistakes and generic parts so that it does in fact look like a Dodge Charger.

Looking forward to your next build.


Fantastic build and aces on how you overcame the kit’s shortcoming, as the windshield would have been a killer for me - your vacuformed solution worked like a charm. Thumbs up on some excellent detail work and a top notch build.
Peter .

Congrats sir. Even though this kit had some serious issues, you overcame them and presents us with a beautiful build model.

Thanks all, i am already on to my next.
this is my wrangler monte. this is one of my early builds. t decided to re do the paint job. it has sat on my shelf a couple of years, the yellow gave me fits. i finally got that good but when i cleared it my custom mixed blue crazed. BTW i used rustoleum paints.
I pulled it out again. the plan is to sand down the blue, mask it off and re paint the blue. while that is curing i will be starting a 1972 rc cola torino. then go back an finish the monte

I’m not worried about getting the decals off completely since they will be going back on the same spots.

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Being a Ford kind of guy after my life long love affair with Porsche, I’m really looking forward to your Torino build.

As for the Earnhardt #3 Wrangler, can’t wait to see how you pull off the re-decaling, but knowing you, I’m sure that it will look 100% perfect.

Got the monte masked and sprayed yesterday. i used my pasche H with the #5 cone. paint sprayed beautifully even though it was mixed over two years ago. odd thing though, i got specks all over the paint job. don’t know where they came from or what they are. I did have the psi way up from the last time i cleaned the brush out and i forgot to cut it back. don’t know if that had anything to do with it but i will have to let it dry good and wet sand it again. the paint is rustoleum, i don’t know if that is an enamel or lacquer. i am leaning to enamel by the smell and the gloss. so i will start the torino and go back to the monte as i get closer to the end of the torino build so it has time to cure.
meanwhile i’m trying to get psyched up for the rising sun campaign over on aeroscale.


My guess is that with the #5 setup and the increase in psi, that the AB passed some large clumps of pigment. Since it was a rattle can, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t contamination, and you said that the AB was previously well cleaned. Your course of action sounds like the way to go.

Looking forward to seeing a Ford, namely the Torino make an appearance here as it’s been Bow Tie city for ages.

BTW, I’m hoping that Richard doesn’t see that mention of the Rising Sun campaign over on Aeroscale, as that’s his area of expertise, but the BSA bike hopefully will keep him more then busy.


You say that like it’s a bad thing :roll_eyes::thinking::rofl:

Just that I’d love to see a Nascar Ford Torino build, and even a few Fords show up as Joseph has been holding down the fort for quite some time. And while I’m a Ford guy, my true passion is Porsches, like I can ever afford one. :rofl:


Lol, I love the friendly banter on here.
yes loel a nice change of pace, i am trying to do some kits/brands i have not done yet. unfortunatly it will be totally box stock, not even plug wires or harness. i will though, be swapping out the leaf springs for cut down parts box trailing arms. They are 1/24th scale and i haven’t decided yet to replace the kit tires with a set of 1/24th monogram nascar tires. the kit tires are really nicely done, too bad they are a little undersized. besides they’re treaded and nascar was transitioning to slicks at this time if not done with it. next after this build i may make my first winged car, a superbird but i am getting ahead of myself. the torino chassis is about ready for paint, well not rally but close to close- :grin: it will be grey with my first attempt at a splatter job. light grey and white blown off a brush with just the air of an airbrush, at least that’s the plan. may take a few photos but i was trying to breeze through this.

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Never any need here to apologize for pure box stock. After all, that’s what this hobby is really all about. I’ve been to IPMS contests where a OOB just blew the doors off models of various degrees of detailing. Just that the OOB guy did a perfect build, and the detail guys fell short of the mark. For me, I look at every model as a display piece 1st and foremost. Extra details are just an added bonus but certainly not necessary to tell that story.

Ok. I’m off my soapbox now.
Looking forward to your chassis pics. But why the splatter job? I would have thought that the chassis like all the rest of the car would be washed and cleaned, then repaired, and or improved for the next race.
So we have a Super Bird to look forward to. Never one of my favor cars back in those days as it just looks to out of place for what a Nascar stocker was supposed to be.


The Wrangler car!! I remember being a kid at my grandparents house watching this car run. I thought was the coolest frickin’ car in the race. Will be tuning into this one for sure.

Not definite joel, i also have an urge to do an F1 car just don’t know anything about the cooling and wiring.
as for the chassis i forgot to explain, team owner bud moore painted his chassis grey with a splatter effect. never tried it before so it will be interesting.
and joe, the wrangler car is in the garage, paint curing, waiting for my torino build to be complete. Also i have had a misshap in my display case, a shelf fell and took most of my squadron out. of the ten aircraft, seven were damaged. i have to repair them also. it was a wonder that i controlled my temper.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! icon_sAng_hissyfit

Man I am really sorry to hear that bud. That do DO some suckin’ right there!!! Hope you’ll be able to repair the damage brother.

1st and foremost Joe, I’m in your corner that all the aircraft repairs will be successful. That really sucks that a whole shelf gave way. Just had to be one of those little model Gremlins that always seem to be lurking in the dark recess corners of our model rooms.

Interesting background to the splatter paint chassis paint job. I’m starting to get back into Nascar little by little as I’m loosing interest in Indy Car due to the utterly crap tv coverage that makes watching and following those races nearly impossible. I do record the nascar races, then skip their commercials when possible, but I still end up watching these long oval races in 2 or 3 sittings.

As for info on wiring and plumbing a F1 car, it’s different for just about every car and era. But the good news is that there’s a ton of info on the net. I find myself these days doing less and less of it as it has become so complex that I can’t even follow a good deal of it looking at the pictures right in front of me.