8-axles and 4-axles available for pre-order

at Pre-Order Items




When I created this post the ‘Post is Similar’-(dys)function triggered and showed me posts about new aircraft models in the AeroScale forum. Triggered by the string “pre-order” …

WOW! That TEL is MASSIVE and that’s a bargain price for it.

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I’ve been patiently waiting for a 1/35 Topol kit, looks like trumpeter listened

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Thanks Robin,

Cue a glut of HETS and BD guntruck conversion kits on fleabay!

ETA Anyone want the above or an HF wrecker conversion, going cheap!

The "Your post is Similar to . . . ." warning is another of my favorite irritations with the new KitMaker site OS!

(Of course I have, dozens of times, also seen a new post that ends up starting a subject that has been already covered 2-3 times in the past or poses a question that has already been asked and answered multiple times.)

I was guilty of starting a duplicate post just the other day - My headline was totally different but the subject matter and intent were identical and I completely missed it. The OS couldn’t help me then!

Ah, such is life.

$235 is a lot of money but then too, that will be A LOT of kit!