A bit of nonsense!

"I said, “NEVER call me ‘Doll-Face’ !”

Comments? Enjoy!


What a little cutie …

nice build…
doll face :slightly_smiling_face:


Where does this one come from?

I got it on Ali Express. It says made by Yufan/ZBBOY. I haven’t seen it under any other manufacturer, or other catalogs, so who knows? :thinking:

I paint questionable subjects :zipper_mouth_face:, and understand a little bit on how that business work.

On the old forums, Yufan and some other are usually known for copy or stealing things. However, it might not necessary the case. There are many people making 3d models and “selling” them for other to prints. since the sculptors usually use the “fanmade”, “parody” or “donnation” to get around and stay under the protection from Fair Use.

Yufan and other alike source models from such sculptors from the internet and print them. They sometimes have to modify detail in marketing to avoid copyright while selling printed products.

Valkyrie Hobby, a group got featured on this forums for a 75mm Star Wars sculpture, is in the same veins.

a cracking little build and makes a nice change from all the sci-fi hardware.

well done indeed.

Thanks all! After 50 years I think I’ve finally got the hang of shading skin tones! :woozy_face:

@Biggles50 That’s great news, now you can teach me how to do it as I’m only 49 and a half :rofl:

Everyone’s got a favorite technique that works for them. I’ve finally settled on starting with an opaque base coat of slightly orangy-flesh. When completely dry (I use only acrylic) I use the same mix with increasing amounts of orange-brown, and lighter flesh for shading and highlighting, respectively. These layers are applied as very thin layers, and gradually built up until the required result.

i primer coat the figure with flat white then i use oil paints, titanium white, raw and burnt sienna