A collage of my kit-bashed/scratch-built sci-fi anti-gravity hover vehicles

A collage of all my anti-gravity/hover objects, I’ve built. Let me know if you want to see more photos of any particular object.


Hi Charles…very nice collection!
Are these from kits or are they of your creation using scratchbuilt and
kitbashed parts?

WoW…simply Awesome!.. :smiley:

Looks like some Star Wars inspiration there! :+1:

Thank you Grauwolf. They are a combination of heavily modified kitbash and scratchbuilt parts.

Appreciate it Vicious.

Most definitely Biggles50.

design and painting: wonderful

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fabulous work you’ve done there

Thank you guys.

Really cool!

I would really like to have seen some of these made as resin Garage Kits and sold to buyers as your Sci-Fi tech is much more futuristic than many of the available resin Sci-Fi kits being sold today.

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Much appreciated. Thank you.

Great work! Would not mind seeing more than just a collage of photos.

Especially like the red hover cycle from “The Island” and the Yellow pod racer running between the two tall yellow columns.

They look fantastic! Did you use some landing craft as base for one?
I actually have Trumpeter 1/35 US navy LCM in my stash, plan to someday build sort off airship, inspired
by Ian Mcque’s art…

Here you go:

The AMG Hornet Anti-Gravity Bike:

This AG build was an inspiration base on Adrian Quillet 3D art Hover-bike, but the original design concept was made by Mehrdad Malek. I came up with my own version to try and avoid replicating it 100%. I kit-bashed this using the T-Armata turret and one of the Anakin pod racer engine. With some scratch building and other added details from my box of tricks, I managed to put together this anti-gravity bike. There is a couple more detail I have yet to add, but overall, it is done. Hope you like the results guys.

As you can see, this is the futuristic version of a hover bike made by the famous tweak/upgrade giants of the Mercedes family.

The scooter Hover bike:

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The LCM is by Italeri. Here are more photos of that particular vehicle:

Private Cargo Transport:

This was another anti-gravity build that I’m not too sure about. I had something in my head and inspiration from elsewhere, that I managed to put together, to produce the final build. Personally, it’s not too bad. Just that I’m not fully satisfied yet. I will continue to ponder on, and see what is bothering me about this build. In the mean time, hope you like the design. I also need to do more weathering…

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I love the “imagineering!” :star_struck:

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Thanks buddy.