A couple of mini's

A couple of larger mini’s (40 - 45 mm).

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Looks good. Nice stringing of the bow. :+1:

they look fantastic, are they stand alones or part of a set? war gaming etc?

Those are impressive

I believe they are original creations from Yufan, etc, and were CAD designed, then 3D printed for a master, then castings made from a mold. The same figures are available in 70 mm. There seems to be about a dozen figures in that scale range. They’re listed as 50 mm, but are actually an average of around 40 mm. They’re available from various AliExpress vendors so you have to wade through numerous knock-off’s to find the original stuff.
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I got a hernia just looking at the woman holding that sword…it must be Papier Mache, or no way I am arm wrestling her…

Great work. Very impressive painting skills.

I am very pleased with myself on the way these turned out. Usually when I paint a miniature and examine the enlarged photo image, all kinds of tiny faults are magnified, but with these, the enlarged images actually look better than the actual miniature. I hope I can continue with this painting trend.
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I intend on ordering the 70 - 75 mm version of the same figure (the one shown is about 45 mm). I find something Arthurian legend about the figure - Excalibur, and the Lady of the Lake, etc.
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I just received the remaining five 40 mm figures…and they’re all just as nice as the first ones. I’ll post pics when they’re assembled and primed.
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Looks excellent considering how small that they are (not even 54mm or 1/32 scale).

It’s not easy painting white metal figures or (resin) figures that may be cast as a single mold, especially something that small. Kudos! :grinning:

Here’s another one that I had previously painted:

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The king and his gang, primed: