A couple of "What If's..."

Leopard 1 based Area Suppression Vehicle (Tamiya A4 base)

Leopard 2 based Jagdpanzer Keonig Leopard
(Italeri KWS base)


Well done! Great creativity! Post more pics if you can.

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Nice looking tanks! I agree we need more photos, the camo scheme looks pretty sharp!

The Leopard 2’s gray color matching the rocky terrain is really neat. I haven’t seen many models where the camouflage paint exactly matched the base terrain so that is a neat trick.

Thank you all. I like to do at least one what if build a year but I need them to be credible. I’m not a hover tank kind of “what-if 'er” :upside_down_face:

I’ll dig them out of storage and take some additional pics later this week.

Trisaw., thank you, but that, unfortunately is an issue with the picture I messed up the settings when taking it. The scheme is a variation on MERDC and a lot lighter. :roll_eyes:

Very nice Paul; I agree though more pics needed! The Jagdpanzer would benefit from a profile shot perhaps.

I could get suckered into a couple of What-Ifs I fear (like I need any more distractions).

Keep 'em coming Paul.


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From a time when I had somewhat lesser skills, but I still enjoyed it. I think I might revisit this idea in the near future.

Really like the Area suppression wagon … that would ruin your day getting a sustained burst from that LOL … there are some interesting possibilities for today’s modern spec vehicles and “What if builds” …an M1 or Chally body with an AA gun and missile system fitted …

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Couple of what ifs. (1) Colombian Pantera … Ex Dutch Leo2A6 with extra stowage (no ice cleats), a/c, and .50 cal for the loader. (2) Brazilian EE-19 Osorio (based on 105mm gunned T-1 prototype with with upgraded FCS and RWS.


'Love the concepts Paul - the Leo Kanone really got me thinking - perhaps one with a 140mm gun?

And Timothy - I think the Osorio is just ripe for any What-If project - I don’ t think I’ve ever seen one of those on the display tables, in any format, but very nice ideas and models.

I might have to brush off my own plans for a What-If Leopard 1A3 in British service - as if I’ve the time(!)

Anyway, all inspirational and in great danger of initiating even more tangents.


Cheers Brian. Thinking more along the lines of a 152mm launcher tube and a much lower and sloped casement. :thinking:

Have an Osorio in my own stash need to dig that one out. Its a true weekender build if I recall correctly.

Photography skills need developing…

Ah Paul, a 152mm - Shillelagh and all that? I like your style; sort of heavy long range support for say, a normal battalion of Leopards. Hmmm.

That’s the trouble with this hobby, especially What-ifs - just too much going on in my ever fertile brain; no wonder I never get anything completed.

The Osorio is the trumpy kit. Not their greatest … but better than their Challenger2s!) Nice thing it comes with the 105mm gun (T-1, intended Brazilian one. ) and the 120mm gun for the T-2 (Middle East demonstrator)

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Have to say this is my favourite bit of this build.

Base is the final drive cover from. Trumpeter T50. something…
“Arms” are from a kmt mine roller from same.
.50 cal is a lazer rf from same source with barrel from Acadamy M2/M1919 set detailed with SGL from original Italeri kit and various bits of lead/fuse wire. RWS sight from Tamiya A4. Almost looks like it might work😜


Very inventive and certainly looks the part. Nice RWS !!

As John says - 'looks the biz!

Curse you pod3105 - my mind is all over the place now with all sorts of ideas!

Then my job here is done… Meheheheh

Very nice what ifs!

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Thank you Ezra b