A flammpanzer tiger 1 out of a academy tiger 1 1/35 scale hull

Hello, I thought I did a post for it but surprisingly didn’t so here it is. I’ve been motivated to work on my flammpanzer VI again. Since we don’t have drwings of it and have seen multiple representation of the flamethrower, I decided to speculate and use this old hull from a not so well done academy gruppe fehrmann tiger (planning on retaking one for a better F13). Today, I cleaned the frontal plate of the badly done with paper increased armor since it was just a suggestion, I prefered to do that so it’d look better. Now I’m unsure if i should remove the zimmerit or not. For the sturmtiger, did the factory did anything to the zimmerit of the damaged hull they’d received for the conversion?

Thanks for your answers!


Kept working on it with the roadwheels, the frontal plate and I decided to redo the turret cover because I didn’t liked what I did before

I’ve progressed on the hull roof this weekend. Decided to go for a green hull with red primer turret cover and yellow sand stripes