A little bit of nearly everything!

One of my favourite things as a modeller is seeing kits in person you never thought you’d see; Either built, at a show, or better yet, for sale somewhere so you can add it to your stash! For me, that’s tied with the thrill of finding out there IS a kit of THAT, whatever weird and wonderful “that” that maybe.

No wonder, then, I love going to antiques stores and swap meets – it’s like a giant garage sale of potential sprue awesomeness! It’s rare to find a lot of variety, but this spring proved to have a bumper crop of old and varied models out there waiting for me! About the only thing I build that I didn’t get was armour, but that’s okay.

Check out my last few months’ haul below for a little bit of everything from around the world! There’s gotta be something in there to make you smile!