A\M tracks question

I have several 1/35 RFM Abrams (and derivatives) to build. The metal “15 parts per tread” seems a lot of work.

Question; Is the extra time involved worth the end result? and

Which is the easiest brand to work with?

(I love AFV Clubs’ rubber band tracks, but there’s nothing it seems for the M1.)

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Get these 1 piece per link, easy to assemble, and very detailed.


Thanks for the info Matt. Checking the RFM 1991 M1 this morning it has link and length tracks. Not sure how these turn out but would welcome opinions. I also found a set of the tracks you recommended in the stash, but they’re for an M113-and the wire is missing. If I can establish the wire’s guage I’ll use them. Looks pretty simple to assemble.

If feedback on the L and L tracks from RFM isnt good, I’ll shell out the C$50 on a set for the M1.

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