A models and eastern express got any

I have some A models there a bit crude but the details look good and I like the subject. I have the dhc C8, HU16 albatross, 3) C123s, and the B57. There are fitting issues, I would not recommend these to a beginner. These are really for the experienced builder. It is taking some work but I am having a good time with them. I would like to know what the eastern express kits are like for real. I have the ozmod B57, got after reading a review in fine scale. Nice details but lots of fitting issues, I was pissed, the guy in the article never mentioned any issues and said it went together fine. I find some reviews hard to believe and want to hear from actual modelers what’s what.

My only experience of Eastern Express is their 1/35 armour/truck/gun kits and the kindest word I can use about them without being dishonest is ‘crude’.
They can be built and with lots of tender loving care they can turn out quite nice but it isn’t an easy ride so be prepared for a lot of work and frustration.

Only Eastern Express kit I ever tried was their Fairey Delta II. And that was enough. To describe it as rough would be an understatement. Hard brittle plastic, poor fit, lots of flash to grind off, useless decals and a canopy that was so thick and fogged it may as well have been made from white plastic. If it wasn’t for my love of experimental British jets, I would have given up and tossed it. Don’t have access to it at the moment as it’s still at my parent’s home.
Almost all of their WW2 and Cold War era aircraft are old FROG moulds that are decades old and nearly worn out. Some might even be Soviet era copies of those moulds.
I can’t vouch for their range of 1/144 airliners. Have no idea of their origin or quality.

Hope it helps.

Thanks I kind of thought as much most eastern kits I’ve got have been that way but they are buildable was just hoping might be better. Thanks for your reply

Thanks for the info, I had heard someone was using the frog molds. Having fitting issues with my A model C123, if I didn’t like that plane so much I probably toss the kit in storage for my nephews. But I know what needs to be done and it is slowly going together. Thanks for your time and information

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I still have a couple of Eastern Express kits in my stash since around 20 (or more) years ago. Never built them because I considered them very sub-par compared to other contemporary model companies. Very simplified detail, or just missing; too much molded on detail, and when there was detail, it was lumpy and poorly done. Not to mention extreme mold seams and flash.

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Yeah I know what you mean I’ve done fill ins using. 010 plastic strips to fill in large gaps and smooth and reetch. You got to really love the subject to go through the extra work. I do really Luke the C123, will post as work progresses.

Hey phantom_phanatic, what scale do you prefer, do you get any aero club. I used to get them way back 30 or more years, but they were really crude no line details nothing, I ended up etching panel work on their f86 got it looking fairly decent. Have they improved any. Sold just about everything I had of theirs since much better kits have come out. Kept the f84 and PV 7 since I haven’t see any others yet. Thanks for your time for

Pretty sure EE are/was one of the Eastern European manufacturers who made generally crude kits back in the 1990s.

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No worries, happy to help.

I remember seeing the odd aeroclub kit in my local shop (long closed down now), but never built one. I have a vague recollection that they were a mix of vac, short run injection and white metal and quite expensive compared to mainstream kits. That would have been in my early modelling years so I would have passed them over in favour of Airfix, Revell and Matchbox.

I mostly do 1/72 but delve into other scales from time to time.

They did various scales mostly 144 & 72, and assesories for other scales engines props wheeles stores ejection seats etc. I’ve learned that they must have folded places like hlj and hannsnts have dropped them completely and removed them from there manufacturers list. Ft o BSD they had a few decent subjects.