A new photo etch bender

well I seem to have lost my second bender again! I had an Etchmate 3C (the metal one) and the small “hold and fold”. Where are they I have no idea. Looks as if Etchmate is gone, and so far Meng is the only one I fine. RP Toolz used to have them, but can’t find anybody selling their products. Anybody have an idea as to what direction I need to be headed?
thanks in advance

While I don’t have Dspiae’s PE bending tools, I have many, many of their other ones, and I expect their PE bending tools are just as good. Easily, in my opinion, the best hobby tool maker out there. You can buy their tools direct from their store on Aliexpress (one of the few things that AliExpress sells that is not counterfeit!), HobbyEasy, and in the US from Boomer’s Books and Empire Models.



The Small Shop makes the “Hold 'n Fold” series of PE bending brakes. They have sizes from the Mini Hold 'n Fold all the way up to a 5.5" model:

The Small Shop

I’ve been very satisfied with all the tools that I’ve got from them, and their customer service is also quite good. A real person answers the phone and your questions. I’ve had total success ordering direct from them.


The Small Shop is a machine shop that does photo etch tools in addition to other work.

Oh, I finally found out whose tool I have been using for over 10 years!


I saw four or five items I want real bad!

You will not be disappointed with any of their tools, at least I haven’t been They are expensive, but quality usually is.

DSPIAE make a couple of PE benders. They are also the ones that make the PE bender(s) that Meng sells, so likely can get the DSPIAE one for less than the Meng.

Then there is always the Small Shop, they make a number of great PE benders, and are located and manufactured right in the US