A new project on the bench

1/16 Heng Long King Tiger. Going the route of making my own upgrades vs buying them as most all are overseas and I don’t know what places are trust worthy enough to order from. And the Tiger came from Amazon at a decent price vs what actual models are going for in this scale, plus this one operates at all full functions haha


Looks interesting! I’ll follow along!

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www.matomart.com I purchased a Tiger 1 from them. The company is based in Canada. They offer upgrades and replacement parts.

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Small update as I take a break from Road to chaos Diorama. Drilled out the toe cable brackets on one side as this one will have one set missing. Found some actual grille screens and metal tow hooks online to add, possibly some more parts coming eventually. Preparing to add weld seams with 2 part epoxy putty and some armor texture as well. Still looking for easily accessible tool and tow clamps for 1/16 scale in 3D print.