A RAD Diorama

A few months ago i built Tamiya’s reboxing of Italeri’s 6 RAD kit. The kit went together quite well and i really enjoyed the quick build. I wasn’t sure on what i would do for a diorama but after looking at some other builds and wanting to try something different i decided to try my hand at cobblestone. I used @Chris_Bryan step by step as a starting point and a few YouTube videos. The cobblestone is made from AK interactive 8mm and 10mm model foam. For coloring i used ammo migs Stone grey as a base then slowly added different colors with a brush such as field grey, brown and a ochre mix. After a few washes I sealed it then added ammo migs rubble pigment as mortar/ debris.
The figure was painted using ammo migs panzer uniform set and i gotta say after some trial and error it finally came out how i wanted.