A "What if" question

If the war in Europe had not ended in 1945, or if hostilities between the Soviets and the Western Allies had flared up, I was wondering what might have been the production version of the T95 MGC (super heavy tank T28) and how it would have differed from the prototype.
While I know Dragon really missed the boat with their kit by using the Sherman HVSS suspension, I can’t help but think that if it had been produced that might have been a real change to facilitate production and spares.
The lack of defensive armament was another T95 problem, the British “Tortoise” did address it with a co-axial and a commander’s turreted pair of machine guns. I’ve always wondered what might have been added with production.

With so many “what ifs/paper panzers” out their, just thought about doing one on the other side.


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No reason not to. As you say, there are an absolute multitude of German paper panzers… So doing an allied super heavy one would be interesting.

You could really go to town on it and do exactly what you wanted to it without any moaning from anyone … Go for it :+1:

Allied 46 could be a lot of fun…

Imagine the fun building a Cromwell with extra thick armor welded on like the Sheman “Jumbo”…and some bed spring spaced armor skirts on sides and around the turret… plus a 17 pounder main gun…aka a “Fat Oliver”

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I remember somebody built a “What If” T28 with fender mounted remote flame throwers. It was based on a close in weapon system proposal.

Would probably be comet?

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