A30 Challenger

Greetings friends! Some years ago I have started to build A30. It was soon after Cromwell. I have had SKP Model kit. Unfortunately it was quite poor in details. I’ve decided to buy Cromwell kit from Tamiya and add details from it on SKP’s A30. That was quite hard work. I’ve done it and then all works were stopped for six years. Also I purchased track from SKP model. They were really awful. I modified them. NB driving wheel for A30 is from Comet.
Few days ago I restarted this project. Soon I will ad fresh photos.


Wow! That is an ambitious project!

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Very impressive. That is some serious detailing going on there. Really top quality work…
Where do the nuts and bolt heads and screw heads come from ? I should have some of those as they look very nice. :+1:

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Artyum it’s good to see you back on this build! Your work is insanely impressive!

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Looks very promising. Son very well-done detailing and scratch building as well. :+1: :+1:

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Thank you! I am pleased! All screws and nuts are from Masterclub. They also produce metal tracks.

Thank you a lot! I am glad too. I hope this will be interesting. Not usual subject.

Thank you! Trying to do my best. Unfortunately not much information about this tank.

Inspiring stuff as usual Artyom.

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Thank you,Peter!

Latest progress. I was inspired by this photo.


What’s the problem with SKP’s tracks? :thinking:

I got cold chills looking at the detailing. Incredible!

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Thank you!

You may see on this photos. 20% of tracks were broken. The rest were with bad casting. I’ve worked with each.

Were those the “latest” SKP set that came pre-drilled and with separate pins? I’ve still got the earlier 098 set that clicks together with nubs and cups, but the “cup” parts have thin edges that tend to break off. If I get really bored I might try drilling them all out to fit pins…

Didn’t you write a review of one of their sets that was supposed to be terrible in the old site?

I did indeed! It was set SKP098, with the clickable links but no correct sprocket. The links were accurate (but too delicate with those nubs and cups), but without the correct Comet-style sprocket they were not much use! I believe SKP then did another set that used pins, and came with the sprocket, but I haven’t actually seen them yet.

I’ve bought SKP147 kit. Workable tracks with 0,5 drill. I suppose this is the later variant. But I can’t judge about quality because this was an only variant for me to buy. Perhaps they are better than 098 set. Sprocket I took from Bronco’s Comet.

Greetings! Some wip with front. I’ve started to add fenders from Aber for Cromwell. Here are some results. All holder will be from copper. Many details will be added.