A39 Tortoise - Tom Cromwell photos

Navigating to Tom’s article on the old site, the photos have gone… is there a way of accessing them? Cheers nick

If you have the full URL of the thread where they were kept, you could try the ‘Wayback Machine’ to see if there is an archive:

I will post a walk around on here over the next couple of days for you.

Thanks guys!

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The photos will be restored if they were hosted on our server anyway. I just have to re-format some of the archived HTML so they point to the right location for them.

Should be sorted in the coming weeks I hope.

Hi all,

I still have the photos, but let’s see if Jim’s fix restores them first. (Plus I’m away from home at the moment so it’ll be a few weeks before I could get to them…)

Its live on the site bud.

I assume it’s this one? https://archive.armorama.com/features/4366/

So no they are missing from the archive.

Hi Jim, are they gone, or just misplaced? And if I find & send you new copies would you be able to reinstate them there? Or is a new article on the new site the only solution?