A6M2-N Rufe with a twist!

I don’t think I’ve posted a build on this forum yet but would like to start.

I had a couple of these older Tamiya Rufe kits in the stash and since they are cheap, an easy build and still nice (even though they may be closer to 1/50 scale as they are a little smaller than the Hasegawa Rufe), I thought I might try something a little different.

I started by assembling them and then cutting the wings off to make a twin Rufe. The Rufe was a great seaplane conversion done by Nakajima but I believe it was limited by range and could have used some more power. So, I thought what if they twinned one!

I worked to fashion a new rear tailplane and to fill in the port cockpit. Also, I took the 2 trollies and fashioned a new double one. Since it will have the 2 main floats, no need for the outrigger floats.

A little mock up.

Most of the sanding is done. My next step is to give it a prime and see if anything needs further sanding and re-scribing before painting.



Love it! Incredible creativity and modeling.

Please, paint it “lilac” per the legendary Rufes in the Aleutians.

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Thanks for the comment JP! I appreciate it!

I’ll have to disappoint though, I was going to go with a green scheme for this one. I’ve never been a fan of the “lilac” Rufes

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