Aalst 18 sept 1944

Hi to all of you I am a new member of the forum and it is Erik Diowok who recommended this forum which I think seems good and inspiring. My name is Micke and I come from Sweden and built diorama for three years and start by showing a finished diorama from last year / Hope you like it Micke


Welcome to the new forums.
Your diorama is outstanding. Is the building scratch built or a kit? If a kit, which one?
Your figures are very well done also. The whole dio, trees, tank, cobblestone etc. looks great.
And…last but not least - the wood base looks like fine furniture- beautifully rendered and finished!
Please show more of your work.

EDIT: Micke-sorry for originally misrepresenting your name. I read through the text quickly and got infatuated with the photos. Never checked before I posted.

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Welcome! Thats a truly amazing dio! We want more!

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Thank you so much for liking the diorama. sorry the pictures came as links I will try to fix this later. The diorama is scratch-built and the model is the village of Aalst in Belgium when the Irish guards liberated the village and clean-up is underway. of course I will post new builds / Micke


Hi Micke! I am glad you joined here, welcome!
As I have told you earlier this diorama is fantastic, especially as the outstanding house is scratch built.
I think the reason why the pictures don’t show up is because they are to big??
What I see the are bigger than 4 MB, that could be the problem. I upload text and pictures from my phone, my pictures are like 500kb and that work fine.
Anyway, keep showing us your work Micke!
Cheers, Erik

those figures are so good that I forgot about the rest of the diorama.

What a beautiful dio this is- such fantastic colors that draw the eye to every area. I particularly like the trees and the climbing plant around the front of the building as well as some of the smaller but no less important details like the torn canopy, the ‘Bakery’ writing in the window and the red bike left up against the tree. I would very much like to see more of your work as others have already said!

Really nice little scene there Mikael - everyone just carrying on with their normal daily life - I like the blown out window and wall, and the damage that did to the awning on the way down. Nice attention to detail.

Mikael, Sorry to be such a pedant but I think you probably mean the village of Aalst in the Netherlands, not the town of Aalst in Belgium.

Notwithstanding that, a very nice model!

Welcome aboard, that is a very nice diorama. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all the feedback. This forum seems very good and constructively I am really happy to be here. The first photos were not good with all the links so I make a new attempt to do it right


Did not become perfect anyway but now I know what to do with new photos / Micke

Very nice work and a nice subject!

There you have it! Nice Micke, thanks for cheering.
I say it once more, look at the brick walls and the roof, scratch built. Love it! /Erik

Thanks Erik! And thank you for showing this wonderful forum / Micke

You definitely have mastered brick and rock work! Damn, I don’ t think I’ve seen a better depicted damage to a brick building. :beer:


Thank you Creading for the nice words.
I will certainly build more brick houses / Micke