Aavp7 Infanteria de Marina Española

Buenas a todos. Maqueta de tamiya y fotograbado de eduard. Montada y pintada en una semana. Se admiten todo tipo de críticas.
Un saludo


Sorry. The subconscious betrayed me and I posted in Spanish. As I said, a Tamiya model, eduard’s photoengraving. Assembled and painted in a week

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You forgot the part about accepting all types of criticisms :wink:

Excellent work! :clap:

touche Right Robin. :grin:

Nicely done. YAT-YAS

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Nicely done, Raúl. As I can see for your profile pic, one of your vehicles??

Buen trabajo!!

Hello Nacho. The profile photo corresponds to the Legion Cavalry Group. I am a veteran of the War in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, and I say veteran because I left 2004 there to dedicate myself to other tasks. Sorry to speak in English, but most of the forum does not speak Spanish.

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Very Nice Raul. You have done a great job.

Very nice work!

Great job Raul!


Thank you very much¡

Thank you very much to all