Aber barrels muzzle brake seam

I am building Tamiyas Elefant and swapped out the barrel for an Aber metal barrel. I’ve built a few aber barrels that fit really well and were easy to assemble. This one was a bit of a PITA. It had burrs that prevent the muzzle collar from screwing into the barrel, then the spacer had burrs that prevented the correct fit. I’ve finally got all the bits assembled. I soldered the front half of the muzzle brake to the back half and have an nice strong join. However I am having trouble getting the seam between the two to vanish. I have sanded it and buffed it after soldering, and the seam is pretty smooth, but when I run my fingernail across it I can feel a small seam/step that I know will show up with paint. Has anyone had this issue with aber barrels before, and if so what is my best bet to deal with it? Extra thin super glue along the seam followed by a light sand and buff? I am surprised the solder didn’t fully fill the seam

Haven’t experienced this problem before, but I might try something like Mr.Surfacer 500 or 1000, or a water based putty like Perfect Plastic Putty. Easy to brush in and then remove the excess. Might take multiple applications.

And FYI, it is “brake”, not “break”.

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Thanks, maybe I need a “break” lol.

I thought about Me surfacer but don’t think the gap is large enough to prevent me from wiping away all of the surfacer when I go to clean up