About the Unfinished Business 2023 category

Like opinions, everyone has one. Yes, I’m talking about a part built model. We all have a ‘Shelf of Shame’ of sorts. Those unfinished models that we WILL get to…one day. Well here is the place to go to for some moral support to get that build over the line.

Join up and get that model out of:

  • The Motor Pool of Misery
  • The Drydock of Despair
  • The Space Dock of Doom
  • The Hanger of Humiliation
  • The Garage of Grief

This build is open to any genre, any scale, any medium. The only criteria are:

  1. Ideally, the kit should have been sitting idle for more than 12 months but as long as it is a stalled build, you are in.
  2. The model must not be completed and weathered unless it is being added to a diorama that you will now commence/complete as part of this build or it is a part of a two piece combo where one piece is not yet started or incomplete. (e.g. A completed M3 HST towing a field piece is acceptable as long as the field piece is being built here, or visa versa)
  3. A start pic must be posted, showing the incomplete model and some form of date verification (a pic of the model in front of this thread is fine!)
  4. No new start up to finish projects - this build is to give love to a part built project not a gem that has been in the stash for decades.
  5. Have fun - this aspect is not negotiable.

NOTE: The Flyboys already have an annual ‘Hanger Queen’ build and I do not want to take away from that. That should be your first stop for an unfinished aircraft build. However, if you have a second shelf queen aircraft that you want to enter here… you are welcome!

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Matt, would this 20 year old started Dragon “Kursk” Panther D relic qualify?

Tired of the box staring back at me in the hobby room. I need push to get this heap across the finsih line or into the :put_litter_in_its_place: .