About to screw up a Late model tiger

I have not been happy with this build ever since I finished it with the 100 decals on it. I sealed them so trying to remove them has made it to where I am not sure if I can save it without more sanding and trying a winter wash over it. Its been awhile since I have done some winter builds so we will see how this goes.


So…what are you unhappy with and If you are unhappy with the turret, just strip the paint and repaint the turret.


For me the three digits just are odd how it is done up. trying to take them off easily has caused a layer chip look.

I havent done a winter tiger yet because I want to do it right. basically the S04 probably. but obviously this is the wrong version.

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a couple of years ago I built this easy 8 and had it looking like it came off the production line. After reading the hairspray application I gave it a shot so I hope the same can be done.



Will look cool if it comes out like the Sherman did :+1:

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Try taking masking tape and pressing it firmly onto the decals. Rip it up quickly and it will usually take the decals with it. You may have to do it a few times, but it usually works.

i did that with my panzer III and it worked. But this one was sealed in flat pretty thick then buffed. left a large chunk behind to have it removed.

Around where the decal was is the layer left. Is not as bad on the other side but it has to be delt with to. Then I am not sure if I had the color written down so I need to go back reshoot that. Also I buffed it, so its kinda hard to match the original color. But I guess a winter wash would hide most of the rematch issues.

I had it sanded but clearly not enough.

I have about 350 Tiger pics and maybe three with winter washes on Later Tigers.

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In hindsight I believe you might have been better off just painting over the old decals as now you have some really rough edges to smooth out. Just my opinion. Maybe some clever weathering could help.

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For sure. its sitting in 70% alchol right now soaking.

And poof! 45 minutes later


Wow! That was a really quick change! Nice!

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Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I was going to suggest zimmerit.

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Amazing cleaning job! What paint/varnish were used?

The paints were the VAir. Sealed with VA.

might consider doing a different turret color than the main body as if in the field they did a parts swap between two tanks. Need to research how possible this might have ever happened.

A Zimmerit’d turret with a non-zimm’d hull. would be a nice show. Or better yet.

Paint the turret in red oxide and dark iron on the main gun and slap that on top.


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Yes, because of the other build I have going on I think I might do a hull red. I dont think hull red with tracks on the side would make sense. I think it would look good though. Zimm would would good also. Not sure if I can pry the tracks off to get that done.

You could use Tamiya’s Zimmerit decals. Just cut them to fit around the tracks.

Tamiya 12647 x 1/35 Tiger 1 Mid/Late Zimmerit Coating Sheet | eBay

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I used that on my Normandy tri color. I liked it.