About Using the Social Logins (Facebook, Google, etc)

Just a reminder as I think at least one member has run into this issue, but if you opt to use your Facebook or Google logins remember to use them whenever you re-visit the site and want to login. While the social setup does give us your email and name (and that’s ALL the info we get) it doesn’t put in a password for entry on the forums. Rather you are using Google, Facebook (or Patreon) to do that authentication for you. It’s just a simple handshake that says, “yeah this is me and I gave this site the means to authenticate my login, etc.”.

So to be clear. There is no password to put in the login field (or email I think). Just click the Facebook or Google login button on the right and if you’ve already done it before it will just log you in again.

And we don’t get to see your friends, post on your page, or any of that doofy stuff. :wink: