Absolutely Unbelievable Shipping Time

I had to share this. I ordered 2 each of the Gunprimer sand loop flex and sand loop 4 sets because they looked like products I could really use. I also ordered several refill packs so I had a sizable order. I opted for normal shipping. They are in South Korea. Here’s the tracking data:

From the vendor in South Korea to my local post office in Connecticut in 2 days! I paid for regular shipping! I didn’t think this was humanly possible! This is incredible!
Now watch, the USPS will take 3 days to get it the 2 miles to my mailbox…


I expected to open this and see a insanely long time. 2 days is crazy! And yeah it will now take half a week to travel the last two miles!

Meanwhile I am waiting on an order from Hong Kong that’s going on 40 days now

That is pretty fast, look forward to seeing what you think. They have a scribes out of stock that looks very nice and I wouldn’t mind owning.

One Friday evening 4 years ago I ordered Herro Models Kubelwagen from Hobbyeasy. Then on Monday morning I had a call from my local post office to pick up the order.I had it built in the evening…


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I remember years ago placing an order from a US store the day before Easter Friday and getting it in Australia on Tuesday.

And now for an example of the efficiency of of the USPS.

Ordered some 1/72 figures from the US.
Package seems be lost in the maze that is the USPS

This package appeared in my mailbox later last evening. South Korea to my front door in Connecticut halfway around the planet in 2 days. Un-freaking-believable! I think I’ve had emails from South Korea that have taken longer.
As to the Gunprimer product, this stuff is top shelf. Both the Sand-Loop Flat and the Sand-Loop Flex sanding sticks are excellently made, durable, sharp, precise, and long lasting. When the grit loads up, a quick rinse under running water clears it immediately. So far, the grit stays bound to the stick longer than Flex-I-File. Worth every penny and I’m very glad I took the chance and ordered them. If you’re a master modeler you will appreciate their products, if you’re a casual hobbyist you’ll be amazed at what GREAT tools can do. The sanding systems are as good or better than the Infini sticks I now have and easier to replace. I also bought the “Raser The Black” sanding handle on a whim. It’s a custom sanding handle made “for the professional” (their words) and crafted from black aluminum, nestled in a presentation box, and dressed with a leather strap. It’s a beautiful tool. Do I need it? Nah. Will I appreciate it while I use it? Sure. It’s kind of the Lamborghini of sanding handles. It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while.


All during Lockdown
4 days Japan to UK
8 days Czechoslovakia to UK
14 days, Australia to UK
Hong Kong to UK, 8 weeks & counting so far…

My Hong Kong order is taking forever too. You aren’t giving me much hope. I’m only on week 5

HK have a lot of issues to deal with at this time.
Not least of which is comparatively little air-freight, with ‘normal post’ not being prioritized.
Also surface freight slots (on ships) are in short supply, with containers in the ‘wrong’ location, and anecdotally, prices rising from $2,500 to $10,000 - $12,500.

‘Normal’ freight is/was quoted at 18-30 days to the UK, up to 5 weeks to the US.

My item is tracked, but it took a week to show up on HK post tracking, a further month to clear HK post outbound, handed to the courier & is currently “Handed over to carrier / Left for destination”

According to HP post you have 3 months for the sender to start a claim (proof of postage required).
Provided you paid by credit card or PayPal (but not if you paid by friends & family), I would consider under 3 months from postage date the time to start inquiries with the sender, or under 6(?) months with PayPal.

I once had a problem with an overseas item, contacted the seller, who refunded without question. The item turned up two months later, so I contacted the seller again, who said keep it, so not all bad news.

PS, I don’t buy from overseas, unless I’m prepared to take a punt (gamble) on it, not least with Dick Turpin at UK PO CUSTOMS!

Thanks for the info, I am not too worried as the stuff I ordered is for a future project, was just wondering as my past Hong Kong orders took about 1 week

This is one of the horror stories. I ordered something from Hungary, and it was sent on April 7. It has STILL not shown up, and the vendor had to pay 55 Euro for shipping and handling! The USPS is absolutely BROKEN. The vendor, Miniman Factory has been VERY gracious about this and has actually sent me a SECOND order and this time it’s going by air and actually has a tracking number.

Our Secretary of State (same as DMV in other states) has eliminated walk-in service and gone to on line appointment booking only. I have to get a new photo on my license this year so cannot renew on line. When I logged in last month to get an appointment to renew, first available…AUGUST 12!

And my passport has to be renewed since it expires in August. Knowing this was going to be a problem (their site says 10-12 weeks) I put together the package and sent it on April 29, via priority mail. It was received on JUNE 9, at least that’s when it was entered into the State Department system. And what does the website say? “You requested NORMAL processing, so this should be completed in…10-12 weeks”.

That’s around September 1. We are supposed to go overseas on September 15. Gee, I sure hope the USPS doesn’t take ANOTHER 6 weeks to mail it back.

Oh well, at least the price of lumber is cheap. Wait. WHAT???