Academy 1:35 Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)

Finished up my 35(t) from Academy. Planning a diorama with a few figures based on my reference pictures. Few issues with the kit but nothing major. The lower hull fresh mud is based on reference photos and will not looks out of place in the diorama as it does now!


Looks good. Agree with the looking odd out of context. I need to make a base for mine as it does look a bit off sitting on a clean shelf while being caked with mud and debris all on the bottom half.

Looks great.

lol…for sure. The reference pics show a really sloppy advance towards Leningrad during operation Barbarossa. I think once its settled in on a base with all the scenic work it will look much better. Thanks much for your taking the time to respond!

Hey thanks Chepster!