Academy 1/48 Spitfire Ml.XIVe Project

I started this project today, and this will be something a bit unique for me. This past Tuesday at IPMS, one of the local air museums, Falcon Field, came by with a request. They are doing a tribute collection for all of the RAF aircrew who trained there during WWII, and requested various types of 1/48 RAF aircraft from a list to be built by our chapter members for their collection. I volunteered to build a Griffon Engined Spitfire (no Marque beyond that was specified) using the Academy Mk.XIVe from my stash. I’ll be building this OOB, so that the project should go smoothly. I’ve built their Mk.XIVc previously, and remember that one being a trouble free project. All the kits built by us will go on display in the CAF Museum at Falcon Field for all visitors to see.

Here is my kit

and of course construction starts with the cockpit, of which I did most of the assembly today and am now ready to start painting.

more updates here when I have stuff worth photographing….


Now that my Thunderstreak is all finished, I’ve resumed work on this one. The wing is now assembled, and paint is progressing on the interior…


Now that I have several other projects wrapped up, this one is back as my focus point.

I have finished up painting of the interior parts and salvaged a late war RAF PE seat harness off an older scrapped build.

next up, get this all installed and get the fuselage closed up…


Well, today I got the cockpit components installed and the fuselage closed up

and of course I had to do a test fit of the wings…

they are gonna fit real nice when I get them glued on

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Today I did fuselage seam clean up, then glued the wings in place. The fit was excellent!

Later I added many of the remaining small bits that won’t get broken off during painting.

I still need to add a few more small bits, plus dip the canopy in Future, mask it off, then glue it into place, but I’m just about ready to begin painting…


Over the past week or so I got the basic painting of the model done.

I used the new Tamiya RAF colors here… still need to go back and do some touch ups on the Ocean Grey here and there… I want to have the decals on by the end of the week.

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