Academy ALQ119

Academy has an ALQ119 jammer in their F-4 Phantom kits. There is no info on any of the variations instructions about it. (As far as I know it’s only valid on the C/D models) Any body have any info / instructions for the pod. Looks like it should have a couple of brackets for the pylon on top and a clear lens on the front.

Here are a link on the ALQ-119 pod that might help.

Thanks, BUT … dont need info on the ALQ119. I need info on the PARTS IN THE KIT. I guess I was not concise enough.

I take it this is 1/32? If so, here’s what their F-4E kit has:

Mia Culpa. 1/48. (didnt know they made 1/32 kits. ) Have looked at all the 1/48 instructions … F-4B,C,D, J,N, … none show the 119 pod. (D/ ROK does show the 20mm pod) And the Eduard spin offs (all Navy and as far as I know ALQ-119 was an Air Force toy) Trying to find out if there are any more parts than F58, 59 and 80 to it.

Yes, the ALQ-119 is used by the USAF and other countries Air Forces such as the RAF and Israelis. I’m not sure about the ROKs, but I haven’t read up much on their stuff. It was not used by the USN/USMC. The pod came into service after the main US involvement in Vietnam ended, so don’t put it on a Linebacker II or prior era USAF Phantom.

Edit- yes, those three parts are pretty much all there is to the pod. The pod is basically a tube, similar to the ALQ-101, with a “canoe” fairing on the bottom side, and various lumps and bumps, as well as lengths, depending upon the version.