Academy M163

My latest effort. Some cam nets from Valu Gear and a little weathering. Ive ordered a “boot print” gizmo and I’ll add one or two to this and other builds.
Academy surely give you lots of additional sprues, M113 gun, shield, side baskets etc.

I dont find their instructions as easy as Tamiya, Meng etc. But I enjoyed the build.


Looks pretty nice. Good job.

good to see one of these built up as they don’t show up to often, so we’ll done mate.

I have just finished building one myself and am in the midst of painting it. I agree, the instructions were very poor and ill defined.

Thanks guys.

Ive got an M49 that needed help before I posted a pic. I goofed the fuelling hose, cutting it too short. Then the (ancient) FLAMMABLE decal tore and I’m waiting for “an M and a half”.

Hose is fixed, decals enroute!

May have to add this one to my collection. :grin: :grin:

Its interesting that people find the instructions on this kit a bit confusing/unclear. Ive just started Academy’s M551 Sheridan - and the instructions could not be any clearer!

This is not reflective of anyone posting in this thread, but there are people who think Tamiya kits are too “fiddly”.


It’s an easy kit but my instructions looked like a copy of a copy of a copy. Very fuzzy and undefined.

And for those who find Tamiya fiddly, I have several snap-together NASCAR kits in 1/24. Free to a good home :smiley:

Good looking build! I love the M163 and you did it justice!

I have some duplo bricks for any struggling with tamiya kits :rofl::yum::sunglasses:

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