Academy M51

Friend gave me this as part of his stash clearing when he recently moved. Built OOB, although I did add PE mesh to the intakes on the rear. Kit decals except for the barrel stripes that were masked and AB. Kit tacks were sewn together. Painted with my own mix of Tamiya over a preshade of dark brown. Exhaust has been rusted since photos were taken and bare metal on the track chevrons as well. Thanks for looking


It came out looking very nice. Great job. I really like how the spot light came out.

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Very well done! Looks excellent!

Thanks Gino.
Used a Molotow chrome pen for the reflective mirror and cut a piece of clear acetate for the lens.

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Those Molotov chrome pens are great for details like that. Tank looks great overall

It looks really good.


Great build DV. Love the colouring and as mentioned by Gino, that spotlight looks amazing. I was thinking of getting one of these for the IDF campaign, but changed my mind to an F4 instead… Now I’m wavering again lol…damn.

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Yes the light has come out particularly well, I’ve used a Molotow pen for wing mirrors before but they have never turned out that well.

Amazing build!
I honestly hope mine comes out nearly as good. One question, will this be coming to Armorcon?
Also, how did you like the build?

Congratulations, that looks sweet! At first I thought you posted the original promo pictures, LOL. Looks professionally done, super clean and sweet paintwork plus subtle weathering. You can’t make that look any better OOTB, nice work!

I have one of these. I bought it right after the Tamiya version released because I wanted to have both early and late versions of the M51. I believe the Tamiya represents an earlier version of the M51. The Tamiya has been finished for a while now and the Academy is still waiting it’s turn. I even ordered a Tamiya turret sprue for this kit. Sometime I’d like to park those two side by side on my shelf :slight_smile:

you’ve really made that kit pop, well done indeed.

Typical Academy build. No real issues but there is some clean up of parts necessary. Water cans are not that great and need filler, and of course the tracks are one piece vinyl. Kit includes some stowage but those are sub par in my opinion. I will eventually put some stowage on but it will be from Tamiya, Legend, or ValueGear.

Thanks for the positive comments.

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That’s an excellent finish on the kit and great pics!

Looking very sharp! And I gotta agree about the searchlight. You achieved a superb look on the reflector portion of the light using the Molotow pen. I used Alclad on mine, and it did not come out looking so good. Bravo! (or should I saw Mazel Tov!) :wink:

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Excellent build, well done! Love the paint and subtle weathering!

The black jerrycans are exclusively for water.

Yeah I knew that I just misspoke. Thanks.

Beautiful job as usual!