Academy P47 1/72

i don’t usually do 1/72 scale but was given this kit a few years ago. it was supposed to be a quick build but the insignia kit decals were junk and i shelved it for a while. last week at mosquitocon i found a set of 1/48 scale p 38 lighting decals for cheap, looking at them i noticed since the positions where the stars go are small, the wing is narrow and the boom is small surface area, i figured they would work. p 47’s had extra large under wing insignias so it worked there. the topside is a little on the large side but looks ok. the fuselage actually fit well so all is good.
i had to scratch make and add the fillet on the fuselage for this subject and used strips of plastic shaped and then blended in with putty. i used tamiya bare metal silver and airbrushed individual panels and control surfaces with alclad aluminum, white aluminum i think, gave it a pin wash with tamiya black panel liner and some weathering and sealed with a dull coat. this is also the first time i did invasion stripes and they came out well i think. i used kitworld decals for all the other markings and am glad i found those p 38 decals as i really didn’t want to buy an expensive decal sheet just for the insignias.
it’s not perfect, there are some rough spots but i like how it turned out over all. i am counting this as my second build of the year.