Accuracy of kit decals?

G’day all
I have a question for my British friends familiar with the CR2, as well as those more widely familiar with RFM’s regular kit of the CR2.

How accurate are the kit decals for the all over green tank? Are the small number of decals provided, pretty much the norm for markings on the vehicles or should I be looking at supplementing them? And if so, from whom?


Ive just done the normal RFM Cr2 and the kit decal are basic for the green one. Most of the modern ones are not to bad and can be easily researched by the manufacturers to make sure the VRNs are ok, but they are basic. I had to get a custom set made specifically for the wagon I was doing, and I also ordered an Echelon set as the kit ones dont come with the small detailed ones like exhaust warning signs and FFE warning signs (but that is if you want to get the detailing very exact)
Echelon and Star do detailed decal sets for Cr2 ( I got one of the echelon sets). I will double check my kit ones tonight as I didnt use them and see how good they are.

As promised, the RFM kit ones.

I forgot that I used the Union flag and the first aid box decal.

This is the echelon set, and I only used 3 small ones on mine, the FFE warning signs and 1 exhaust warning sign.

It’s only cut in half to store it easier. You get about 12 different VRNs which allows you to make 5 or 6complete wagons, and you would have lots left over.

Thanks Johnnie. I was looking at my kit & the decals on the weekend & it struck me that the green cabs seem very plain WRT markings, compared to what I see on the Aussie Abrams.
I had a look through Star Decals’ site & their CR2 sets only seem to cover either Balkan service which looks to be the older CR2 (i.e. early road wheels) or Gulf service.

About time we had a decal release for current spec CR2’s…

In reality, UK wagons are not normally covered with niff naff markings. Its usually pretty much what you need is only what goes on there. Call signs / VRNs / normally required warning signs / first aid cross etc. Some occasionally may have fume extractor white stripes etc. Rgts like RTR will have the eye on either side the turret, some wagons will have names on a side bin (usually a historic battle they were involved in or a famous military leader/general etc associated with their Regt ) Some units may have a small Regimental crest on something like a sight door but not always.

Ok. Thanks mate. Helps me out a bit. At least I know now I can get away with just the VRN & TRP/SQN C/S on the turret side as per the kit decals


No probs.

Only oddity is the BATUS finished wagons.


They will have a call sign and Zap number on the side skirts on each side. It also has a massive white chevron on top of the turret. :+1:

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Now you have through the spanner in the works with BATUS :joy:.

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