Achzarit RWS question

Hi all
I’m currently building Hobby Boss Achzarit which comes with an odd RWS. While the RWS itself look OK, the feed system is not the one I’ve seen in all my reference pictures. The common feed system has the amml belt coming from the slot at the base of the RWS, going through part E11and a similar part on the MG cradle.
Is the system in the kit pure fantasy from HB?


No. I think the ammo box is attached as per the instructions when the system is operated manually from outside.

Otherwise, the feed is as you described:


Legend rendition of the Raphael Remote Overhead Weapon Station


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Hi Olivier, yes you can use the belt option or the ammo box.

Thank you all for you input. So HB didn’t mess up. The only missing part is the greyish part in which the belt runs. Will try to scratch it.