Adding anti-slip coatings and patches on scratch builds

It looks good, that’s basically what I use.


Wow! That looks really good!

I understand “tapping” (i think), but would you be good enough to explain what you mean by “bristling”. I have a Merkava Mk 3 BAZ on the bench, so my first attempt at an anti-skid application is in my near future. I’ve been experimenting with a couple of different products and techniques, but have yet to decide which one to go with - always looking to expand my palette. Thanks.

For the Merkava you dont need that method, you need the first one I mentione. By bristling I mean running the brush across the surface thus leaving paintmarks

When I install covers I have to make sure the slots are nearly vertical as possible. I went thru our house and did that to ever switch and plug before we started unloading. And I mean everyone one, even the ones for the washer and dryer and frig. Why? I seriously don’t know!

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Oooh, bristling! Of course, I love it - what else would you call it. But definitely not appropriate for a Merkava. I will take your aquarium sand suggestion and give it a try. Thanks again.

You know why. God wants them that way.

Texture looks very good.

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