Addons for M1165 GMV


I’d like to ask you if you know if the Ettore Galasso’s 3D parts for the Academy model could be used in the Tamiya M1025. I have some parts on the shopping cart, like the rear bumper, windshield and side armor, but I want to be sure that these parts fit.

Ettore’s link to shaperways:


Ettore is a part of KM forums, so hopefully he’ll be able to answer himself.


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It’s a completely different version. Show a photo of the original vehicle you want to build.


Legend Conversion

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Ok, Piotr. Then I will only buy the Legend Conversion. Thanks!!

I agree with Piotr, Legend conversion set.
See a similar model I built few years ago using that set

please find the difference :slight_smile:
2x M1025
1x M1113
1x M1165 (WIP)

Thanks @galactica and @Makiwawa for your advices.

Piotr, I completely hate you. What a collection!!! I´m going on the first one, the M1025. I want to build a (call it) ‘fast reaction’ Dumvee instead of an armored one. As I’m going to build 4 figures also, they would need some space clear on the back for, at least, one of them. I don´t know if I explain my idea correctly (I feel my english in getting worse day by day :sleepy: :sleepy:)

My fisrt idea was (and I still have this in mind) to build a CIF/CRF Dumvee, so they don’t need to go as loaded as the M1113/1165 you have showed.

Thanks again, you all are coming in very candy!!