Advance to Arnhem 1/16 scale

Third Figure in the Line-up

The third figure has been cleaned and is ready for assembly. As you can see, the " locking lugs/keyways " are visible on most any part needing to be attached. This really does make for ease of assembly. Steve says it doesn’t take much more time to add these in the molding process and feels this little added bit makes a difference. I agree with that and I’m glad he’s making the extra effort to add them into the process.

What I did not mention earlier is the use of Testors Grey Contour Putty. Why am I using this you ask? Experimenting with this I found that just a “very small” dab near the edges of the arms and gear will ooze out at any visible joint location. An example would be where the shoulders and arms meet. Such a small amount comes out and makes for easy, clean, joints without having to try to putty up any troubled areas. This also makes for a really solid firm adhesion of the joints and torsos. I used this for most of the gear attached to the figures and this also makes the transitions of straps easier to complete.

The molds are so clean on this set that there wasn’t much putty work to be had, but this Testors Putty did the trick for me. “A little dab’ll do ya”, as they say, lol.

The first pic shows just how the uniform folds actually overlap the torso, right there above the armpit area, beauty! Also, this is how I add the Testors putty to the arms, third photo.

Notice the slight bit of oozing out of the putty in small areas like the shoulder and wrist. Once this stuff sets up it easy to wipe or scrape off leaving a smooth transition. So, why haven’t I done this before, seems to work quite well.

Ok, figure numero tres es finito! He is now ready for a primer coat as well.

Here’s the trio so far. One more figure to go, the Bren gunner.

More to follow and thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.


Very cool BroSki !! I’m liking the larger palette . May have to try scaling up .


That looks awesome!! Just emailed them to see what the shipping to the US would be.

Ya Cheyenne, give it a go, they are a lot of fun!

Grindcore, shipping isn’t bad at all and Steve ships em out quickly. I was impressed at how quick they arrived.


Very cool!!! Just ordered it for my myself, $210 shipped.

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@grindcore ouch that’s a hefty price tag

Awesome GC, you’re gonna love the clean resin work. I really enjoyed putting these together. Have fun, ships quick too.

Klaus, I know it ain’t cheap, but excellent kits are worth it, IMHO. Most resin kits are in this price range, but this has 4 figures and the base, so it’s justified.

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At €30 per item that seem in the range and reasonably. Just happens to be lots of items to have a hefty overall price tag.


Bren Gunner

Ok, the Bren Gunner is ready for clean-up and assembly. Like the last three figures, clean-up is minimal. The gun bi-pod and carry handle are on a separate sprue. The only issue I had was making sure the Bren actually fit into it’s logical position as intended.

Here’s the Lad, all assembled and ready for duty. I followed the same process as the last three crew members. This one assembles in the same straight forward manner, just like the rest. The pose may look a bit odd right now, but once he’s in the crater it will all make sense. And no, he’s not doing the side stroke, in case you were wondering, lol.

In the crater he goes, and the fit is perfect. Each figure sits within the crater nicely, naturally. There weren’t any odd angles to play with and there wasn’t any need to adjust any figure poses. The hard work was already done.

Fitting the Bren was a bit like playing with fiddly bits. My sausage fingers were getting in the way every time I tried to adjust the weapon to the figure. Unfortunately I broke the left blade for the front sight in the process and the trigger guard as well. Nothing that can’t be fixed in a jiffy. I just used the scrap resin from the kit and whittled out new ones.

This Bren is pretty dang accurate, like as in, spot on. It’s a beauty. Steve has one heck of a line-up of weapons available in several scales on his site and they are all top notch. This one is no exception.

So, this wraps up the assembly portion of the vignette and now it’s time for some paint.

Tanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.


Hey Ski fast work & I’m sure Christopher Walken struck that pose (the Bren guy’s) in the appropriately named Weapon of Choice video! Now the real work on these giants begins :tumbler_glass:

Cool, I will have to check that movie out, don’t recall it. Tanks tim! Oh, here comes the paint. Duck, it’s flyin everywhere, HA!

Flingin Paint! Steady ar she goes mate, slow speed ahead!

Boy, it’s only been nineteen months since I’ve done any figure painting. Missing a bunker season of “sniffin paint and gluin them fingers together” can get to ya, if ya know what I mean. But, whether it’s been six months or nineteen months I pretty much have to relearn my prior techniques every season. Call it a warm up before the workout. No worries, this will be a crash course of sorts. Remember, I have my trusty can of “Easy Off” oven cleaner just in case.

I always try to incorporate new techniques with each new set of figures. There’s a heck of a lot of incredible talent out there to learn from, all having their own way of flingin paint, so I study their work and try to learn from “them”.

Worth mentioning

I’ll be starting back up where I left off at the end of my last bunker session. I’ve mentioned this before in my Sub Gun Deck SBS; During the Fall/Winter of 2018-19 I started working a new technique I picked up from a canvas oil painter. Strange, I know, but the concept is the same, just in an incredibly smaller scale.

The lessons I’ve learned from watching the oil painter “Daria Callie” seem to work well so far, at least for me. The only difference is the blending, or not blending, of the oils in the process. One key noticeable difference in how she paints on canvas and how most of us paint faces on resin. Most of us oilers use an acrylic color base before we apply the oils. Daria uses a grey base tone to keep the neutrality of the colors more readily visible during the painting process. I see her point.

Note: I do not use this technique for uniforms or gear, only on faces and flesh tones. This is my weakest link, so this is my focal point needing of much more improvement.

I’ve worked this technique several times now and it seems to work well for me, as long as I remember to use an acrylic primer for the flesh tones or seal the oil based primer before working the oils. Why? I use thinner quite often when I work the oils and the primer can disappear on you quick if you neglect to seal it. The oils will have nothing to cling to and off it goes with each stroke of the brush, yikes! I gotta remember that,…

Palette and the line-up

So, here’s the palette for the flesh tones with numerous blended tones to choose from. Taking notes from Daria’s videos I start with the five basic colors; Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Burnt Umber, Ultra Marine Blue, and Titanium White. Yes, even on this little palette I used a small palette knife to mix the tones, works just fine. My palette is just a piece of thick poster board covered with wax paper. After each session I place the palette in a cheap plastic sealable container and into the freezer or refer it goes. This keeps the oils workable for an extended period of time.

As you can see I have “'Ol One Eye” in the background for moral support. He was my first attempt, trial run if you will, at using this technique. I was impressed with the results and also how quickly he began to take shape. Sweeeet!

The Sub Gun Deck Captain head was done using Daria’s technique as well. So, if you can get past the visible brush marks, lol, you can see the flesh tones look acceptable for a serious first run. Still more work to be done, of course.

First up to bat are the faces, always. Painting the faces first gives me the confidence right up front. Large scale figures will show you all your mistakes and will shout at you quickly, lol. I’m not afraid to start over to correct a blatant and obvious boof. I’m still learning and I’ve got a long way to go to get to where I’d like to be in this Sport.

Corporal Reynolds was my first choice, he has a great expression on his face, IMHO. I got a ways into the process of oiling and realized I had not sealed the oil based primer, doeee… I tried to fix the mistake, but you can’t get oil to stick to resin worth a hoot without that primer under it. Heck, I already jacked it up, so why not keep going, get the bugs worked out and see how much I’ve lost over the past nineteen months.

I might add that I acquired a set of number six reading glasses. They’re dang near as thick as Coke bottles, but boy howdy, I can now see the fine point of my brush up close without having that Optivisor hanging off my head. Working into the eye sockets is much easier now, so I just might see some improvement in my weakest area. I’m optimistic.

Looking closer at the top and sides of the nose, temple areas, and under the eyes you will notice the small spec areas of missing primer. It looks horrendous up close, lesson learned, once again. But, over all, the tones are looking decent and the blending appears to be working ok. I think I’m getting warmed up. I still have brush strokes to clean up, but I see progress in a positive direction. Good practice run, wouldn’tcha say?

Ok, off to the shower you go buddy! Well, I toldja, it’s only been nineteen months… Ah, no worries, we’re still having fun and that’s what it’s all about. If you’ve never used oven cleaner before it’s an easy process. I don’t wait long before I scrub off a coat of paint. Just make sure you try to get all the paint out of the crevasses and eye sockets, under the nose, etc. Try to get right back down to the resin, you don’t want any paint build up to deal with later.

Ok, Cpl. Reynolds is all cleaned up and ready for a serious run at putting down some paint.

Let’s see if I can bring the Cpl to life. Remember now, faces are my weak point. I intend to make them my strong point. Isn’t that how practice works? Yep, here we go…

More updates to follow once the paint starts flyin again, and thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.


Looks great!

Tanks, Tank!

Ha, I crack myself up, lol. Thanks Bro!

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It’s the little things in life that can help us get by. :crazy_face:

Ain’t dat da trufe!

Hey Tank, how are you able to quote, I’m not seeing that option.

Cheers, Ski.


Quoting is funny. I use my phone and if you select a word in someone’s post, the normal copy box shows up and also a grey quote to the right of the word. You can expend the copy area and click the quote icon.

There is a limitation that you cannot quote over empty spaces. So I can only one of your sentences/lines unless I want to rewrite them.

On a PC, I am sure it is similar with highlighting some text.

Hope this helps.

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Swwet, cut and past. It takes a bit of finagling, but I got it. Tanks, Tank!

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It will be an honor to follow along.

Awesome Brother,…let’s ride!