Advance to Arnhem 1/16 scale

Five Runs, we’re on!

You’d think after three oven cleaner baths I’d get this dang technique figured out, but no, I had to go for a fourth bath, sheeeesh! I was gettin a little worried there for a bit,… Actually it’s been an issue of my thinner working against my primer, not the oil painting technique. I have to clarify that. I’m having a lot of fun working Daria’s methods. Be advised this technique is a bit more difficult working in smaller scales below 200mm. I ain’t giving up yet, no by a long shot.

Trying to keep in step with the technique I’m learning I ran an acrylic undercoat of Tamiya XF-20 Medium Gray instead of relying on my Floquil primer to “hold until relieved”. Sorry, been watchin “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge Too Far”, HA!

My old method was a desert yellow or tan color acrylic undercoat, but I do like the gray undercoat much better, for obvious reasons, clarity of the tones applied.

Now, since the eyes have always been my sticking point I attacked that issue first. I picked up some #6 reading glasses, as mentioned before, and they are working very well, and they’re cheap. I could even get #7’s, but we’re good for now. Using a salmon and white acrylic mix I covered the eye socket and then placed a very thin dark toned line across top and bottom of the eye sockets. Then I placed a super dark brown mix for the eyeball outline, followed by a tinted blue iris, etc. After the eye ball was acceptable I ran a light red and salmon color across the base of the eyes for a slight flesh tone. In between each application I hit the face with an old hair dryer to completely dry the prior paint layer. Uh, don’t forget the glint in the eye!

Ok, the eyes have it, so we’re off and running. It’s still a bit of a dark flesh tone in these pics, but we’ll take care of that right quick. As you may notice, I really didn’t take a whole lot of “in progress” pics, but the blending process is just like any other oiler work, smooth transitions.

Once I had my tonal base set it was just a matter of lightening up specific areas and highlighting others. I’ll let this face sit for a few days while I work the neck and back of the head, etc. The other three heads will follow the same process until they all have had a good 3-5 days rest from the final oiling. Then I’ll go back and detail any crows eyes, wrinkles, lips, or 5 'o clock shadows, etc…

So far, I pretty happy with my results and it feels good to be back in the “saddle” again, if ya know what I mean. Hmmmmm, …hey, he’s kinda got that “Mel Gibson”, thing goin on,eh? Ok, maybe not that good, but there is a resemblance, wouldn’tcha say? lol.

There’s still a long way to go, but we just got started on the meat and tatters of this build, so more to follow.

Tanks for watchin! Cheers, Ski.



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Ya Killin me Smalls, ya killin me! Remember, “The Sand Lot”?

Wow, incredible!

Thanks Colin!

Bren Gunner

Ok, so he getting closer, the Bren gunner, but after a few hours I’m calling him good to go till the final touch ups. I do need to tend to his hair, though. “Oh no,…not the hair!”, from the movie “Four Feathers”, remember anyone? Ok, never mind…

I went ahead and continued on with flesh tones for the Cpl and the Bren gunner to close them out for right now. The other two will be worked right away. I’m in that face painting mode, so they all get done now, while I have the momentum going, so to speak. Tones a slightly different, but so are yours and mine, right?

I’m not particularly satisfied with the Bren gunner’s face, but he’s going along for the ride, unless I get the gumption to work him a bit more. He’s messin with my head, no pun intended. HA! This happens at times, yall know what I’m trying to say here, it happens to everyone from time to time, if we’ve been “sniffin paint and gluin our fingers together” for any length of time. His side profile is ok, but his facial features are still requiring attention.

Ok, that’s it for the short update, I’ll post more as I go along and thanks for watchin. Feel free to add constructive criticism, I’m all ears.

Cheers, Ski.


Hey Ski,
Absolutely incredible painting you are doing here. It’s like watching a renaissance master with a canvas. I agree that the Bren gunner looks a little off but I say it’s the sculpting, not your painting. His features are cast way too chiseled. You’ve done an outstanding job painting him.

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It must be as funny as challenging to work in this scale!! But you’re making it in the right way. Very nice face painting!

Tanks SSG Toms, and SF. Funny, there’s another figure in the mix that has very similar features to the Bren Gunner, but milder. I’ll get it worked out mue pronto.

Thanks again Gents.

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Hi Ski,

Not sure how this one slipped under my radar, the faces look amazing, you have definitely nailed it…the head on the left reminds me of the actor Trevor Howard, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Tanks G, but I was going for the Mel Gibson look, …HA!

I workin it, just a bit slow right now.

Team Member #2

Back at it again, finally. Unfortunately there were a few winter chores that kept me from the bench, snow being just one of them, so taking off from my last stop did mess with my momentum. I had to wash this mate’s face twice already. Ain’t nothin but a thang, right?

Working with the same method as the other two I was able to get the main facial features taken care of. The punch list will be the same for this face, just like the last two, and will be done when it is fully dried. I went ahead and gave the chin strap a base leather tone for facial clarity. There’s still plenty to do here, but we have the major work completed.

So far so good, I’m liking it ok. I’ll be going over this face closely to see if any more details are needed before closing him out.

Here’s a few shot of the trio. I’m going to leave these guys alone until the last face is done. We’re making progress.

I might add that I am enjoying working with this painting technique. What I’m finding is that after a period of time I’m not having to revert back to my notes or videos. If I feel I’m starting to lose focus I quickly look up at my photo references and examples and they bring me right back in line. I’m still not out of the woods yet, but I do see the clearing up ahead, HA!

Ok, off to finish team Mate number 4, so more to follow soon.

Lastly, if you see any obvious discrepancies or areas requiring attention, please holler, I appreciate the constructive criticism.

Thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.


Hi Ski,

No constructive criticism here, only admiration for your face painting abilities, :slightly_smiling_face:…but it’s definitely Trevor Howard, not Mel Gibson, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Cheers, :beer:,


I think they look great. My only comment and it might not be so in 1:1 vs photos and how I see them, is they all seem to have the same complexion. Might also not be an issue in the dio as they are spread out and here we see them side by side.

Lol, G, Trevor, really? Well, I recon I better do better next time, HA!

Tanks, Tank! Yes, tones are close, but when the 5’o clock shadows and the punch list are done there might be a bit more visible difference. This is not uncommon when doing several figs in one dio of this scale or bigger, at least not for me. There’s a definite pinkish tone up close on the Bren gunner vs the others, it’s just not coming out in the pics.

That is what I figured.

That set is really great and you’re doing swell. Haven’t painted any figs larger than 54mm yet, but I have a 1:10 bust in the stash, so I look on with great interest… Hope you don’t mind if I keep hovering around… ?

Glad to have you along Golikell, welcome aboard! Remember, larger scale figures are easier because they show mistakes right up front. Go for it, it’s a hoot, and that is what this hobby is all about.

Cheers, Ski.

Thanks Ski. I will certainly paint it, but just not yet… Currently busy with my Karl project… Just finished the ammo panzer, now painting some figs so the Mercedes truck can be finished too…


Ya, Karl’s lookin pretty hefty, great work!