Advice On New Air Brush

Perhaps a bit late, but have you seen this? - Micro-Mark Self-Contained Portable Airbrush -


@gunnerPhil Phil,

Just wondering which airbrush you decided to pick or if you’re still researching and looking?


I’ve had opportunity to use a few airbrushes of my own and various friends over the years. Badgers most basic starter airbrush, Badger 150, Paasche H, Paasche VL, Paasche F, Thayer Chandler Vega 1500, Testor’s Aztec, Harder and Steenbeck Evolution & a custom Iwata Micron photo-retouch airbrush.

Other than the basic starter airbrush, pretty much all of them will do very good paint work. Most critical items with any of them in my experience are cleaning after use, correct air pressure and thinning ratio for paint.

With that said, balance & weight can be bigger factors than is often realized. If a given air brush feels natural in your hand that’s very important in my opinion.

Easy of cleaning is also important as cleaning is key to good results.

Easily available replacement parts is also important.

A removable crown tip or cut away crown is also very nice to have. For very close work I like removable.

Still thinking about which one, thanks for asking. I am trying to take my time and make a good decision for one, but leaning toward an Iwata though.