AEF Designs Builds

when I first visited the one and only remaining brick and mortar hobby shop in my immediate area they had these along with sets for the BTR70 and 80

this is the BTR70 set, check out those pour plugs

the tread is actually fairly decent

this is the set I’ve actually used so far, on a DML BTR70. As I recall I had to fill the backs with resin, rework the sidewalls and bore them out to fit the kit hubs .

Last one I have. Directions to their KMT mine roller kit, I gave up on it after a while. The instructions are fairly decent, though.

Thanks for triggering this trip down memory lane Robert.

I went through my IDF modeling “phase” back in the '70s, so by the time the AEF stuff was being released I didn’t have enough interest in the subjects to find the motivation to attempt any of them. By the end of the '80s I was doing a little bit of mastering work for MB Models and, by way of Mike Bishop, I had a good access to a lot of different “garage kits” from all over the world. My impressions comparing any of the AEF Designs products to just about any other company’s offerings from that time were uniformly quite bad - even for the time the AEF stuff was recognized by most experienced modelers as junk.

Having said that, though, I do recall seeing some really well-done builds at shows in the early to mid '90s that were based, at least in part, on AEF kits. They could be built, but getting any sort of decent results demanded skills that were good enough to just do the work yourself. Anyone I know who ever built one to good standards had the chops to scratch-built it all themselves (as illustrated by @18bravo above).


I built this AEF Designs T-64B in the early to mid nineties. It was a relatively effortless build as I remember. I did the best I could using what photographs I could find. It was a solid well molded kit. Honestly, it was pretty good . You guys judge after you pick yourselfs up off the floor. I have some more stuff that I will post.



Not build yet, but one off the better Kits is the Nakpadon

I could do some pics if there is interest in it.


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Why not.

Looking good, I would like to see what else you have.

Doing some major declutterring and look what I find ! I think I’ll hold onto them.

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