Aerials, the missing link

You’re quite welcome.
I used some of those Orange Hobby antennas on a Leo 2 that I built last year and they were probably the best looking part of the build… :smile:

They are a damn nice product. Ive got some others coming next week that Gino turned me on to. There’s a link upthread from Gino, theyre $5.00 C each but look brilliant.

I found that depicting bent antennas is not the hard part. You have a number of options to show the bent spring. However having the tie down properly represented is the true challenge, at least to me, as it should have no “sag” at all with the spring putting a lot of tension.


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I’ve been wondering about that too. The (new?) Leopard brand aerials featured up thread would help, but you’d then have the other problem of securing them sufficiently against the tension in the spring.

It really isn’t that hard to keep the tie-down string taut. I used one of the Djiti’s Productions angled antenna bases, a piece of OD green sewing thread, and a little PE scrap bent like an “S” for the clip on my recent USMC M60A1 Dozer. I attached the antenna to the base, then the base to the model. Next I tied the end to the turret, then I put tension on the antenna when attaching the clip and it keeps the string taut just like the real thing.