Afrika Korps DAK 80 years later Leopard A5

Falling into the what if category will be the Leopard. With the Korp lasting in Afrika until May 13th of 1943. I still have a bit of self imposed finishing time.


A few past timeline pics from the what I did today thread.

it both pics we get to the pics of the front grab handles that italeri felt I needed to install on the kit. Took a but of surgery but was able to remove the growths on them and give her time to recover with enough healing time.

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Interesting idea :bulb: :thinking:

I wonder how some of the modern German AFV colors would look on the same model in same pattern vs late WW2 AFV colors.

The dark yellow & olive green would make in interesting comparison. Likewise, bet with weathering the dark yellow & olive green could be used interchangeably and be practically unnoticeable.